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Remedial Massage Therapy is the assessment and treatment of soft tissue dysfunctions that can be the cause pain and/or restricted movement. Using Special Tests, observation and palpation to form a “working diagnosis", enables me to treat the symptoms using different modalities like, Myofascial Release, trigger point therapy, Muscle Energy, Stretches and Deep Tissue Massage. 

Myofascial treatments work with the superficial and deep layers of fascia, (which is tissue that surrounds our muscles, bones and organs). This treatment releases adhesions by indirect & direct methods, which help the fascial adhesion to “unwind”. This gentle but effective treatment are ideal for Chronic Pain and Postural Dysfunctions.

Trigger Point Therapy is a compression and release treatment of trigger points, which are hyperirritable spots (aka: muscle knots) that can be felt as nodules or taut band within a muscle. Trigger point pain can be localized, referred pain or a local twitch response. Trigger point work can help reduce and eliminate this pain be encouraging muscular tissue to return to its relaxed state.





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